Echo Pelster
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What? It's Not What You Are Eating, It's What's Eating You!

Echo Laymon Pelster
“The more I tried to control my weight and eating the more out of control my eating and weight became”. 

Echo will be the first to tell you that a bariatric bypass saved her life, but it didn’t solve her problems.
Echo Laymon Pelster discovered that obesity has less to do with what people are eating and
everything to do with what’s eating them. Through education and inspiration, she brings value to
corporate and medical organizations, as well as individuals in support of their procedures and

“I serve individuals, as well as the bariatric centers, medical professionals, organizations, and
patient health educators who serve them. I offer actionable keynotes, supportive workshops, and focused private and group coaching.


The ideal professional speaker for
your next conference or event
“Once I found the solution to my own yo-yo life, I was committed to helping others find peace and freedom
with food”.
Have you spent most of your life fighting with your weight, trying to lose it or maintain it? Do you
dream of “Food Freedom?
Or, have you had the gastric bypass, but getting where you want or maintaining the results you
have achieved feels frustrating, endless, or impossible? It used to be true for me too. But it doesn’t
have to be!
No Shame, No Blame. Let’s Get You Back in The Game!

Echo also assists the medical community with helping people maintain the weight they lose
after bypass, an often-overlooked part of a long term success plan.

Echo Pelster is a top-selling author, keynote speaker and true transformational coach. She successfully helps her clients break through weight-loss barriers, and self-imposed limitations by inspiring self-care, masterful methodology, and much-deserved self-confidence, through incorporating consciousness and spiritual health awareness. She is well aware of how obese people think, cope, and hide out. 

Echo knows that the weight is only a distraction. It’s the powerful self-told stories that are key to the process, and the need to reflect, rethink and re-evaluate. Echo helps those who are stuck and struggling to get out of the obesity trap, and replace and restructure their food life differently, but realistically.
Echo shares, “When I had my first gastric bypass in 1984, I believed it would make me thin forever. It didn’t. Within a year, I regained the original 60 pounds plus, and over the next few years gained all the way to an astronomical 357.8 pounds. So, with my inner soul calling me again, I played the insanity card and I had another bypass in 2001, lost 203 pounds, and made the local paper... only to gain back more than 114 pounds. Ashamed, isolated, and literally hiding out, I discovered principles to lose and keep the weight off. And I know what I speak. I’ve kept the weight off for nearly 20 years.”
For those bariatric surgeons and professionals, would you love to take your practice and referral experience to higher levels by offering your clients a true actionable aftercare program? You are well aware of the gap, but you need more resources to help your clients once procedures have been performed.
Echo’s interest in obesity as a work issue also peaked when she discovered colleagues were uninsurable because of height and build issues.
This inspired her to design a program that would help anyone who struggles with the distraction of weight and food.
Echo lives in the heart of the Sandhills of Nebraska with LaVern, her husband of 25 years, and enjoys writing, speaking, coaching, facilitating workshops, and long walks with their dog, Cash.