Dwayne Meeks he/him/his
Author of Pieces Never Missing Required in a Child's Life
BA, LMFT, CACII, Resilience and Life Coach, Motivator

Dwayne Meeks is a authentic leader within our mist  His life mission is to serve elevate and heal.  A highly skilled and accomplished community leader, coach, and public speaker he is a vanguard with the ability to inspire others to be their best authentic selves. Meeks believes that as a public servant , love inspires the will power which then directs us with the wisdom to help others. Recognized Nationwide for advocacy in both Fatherhood movement and Youth development while incorporating cultural traditions, Meeks instills his followers with respect for self while encouraging innovation. He teaches that the way of Family Prosperity is to establish harmony by nurturing the seeds of love, compassion, courage, integrity and discipline. 


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Fatherhood and Family Engagement
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