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Save Lives with 2 rules and Offensiveless Defense

Dr. Drina Fried is a highly respected and experienced educational and counseling psychologist with over 32 years of experience working as a school psychologist and 25 years of private practice. Her extensive 
background includes being School Psychologist of the Year in Kern County, CA.
Dr. Fried has a Doctorate in Education and Counseling Psychology from the University of the Pacific in California, along with Bachelor's (graduating Cum Laude) and Master's degrees from the State University 
of New York at Buffalo. In her private practice, she specialized in helping individuals overcome negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, anger, and fear. Dr. Drina has developed an approach known as "Offensiveless Defense," which she uses to guide individuals away from harmful behaviors and towards more beneficial paths. 
This approach is designed to help parents, teachers, guardians and young people lead more productive and happier lives.
Dr. Fried is also an author and conducts seminars to educate others about her methodologies and strategies. Her book: "End Suicide and Homicide-And the Harm in Between” can be purchased on

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She resides in Las Vegas. She can be contacted for keynote speaking at 702-283-1795