Dr. Daryll Wharton
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Life Transformation Strategist
Transformational Speaker Topics- Mindset, Confidence

Dr. Daryll S. Wharton is a highly sought-after global keynoter, vision board, mindset, and confidence expert, bestselling author, motivational musician, and life transformation strategist. Highly regarded as one of the most influential voices in motivational speaking, Dr. Daryll is now on a mission to impact audiences and train individuals and corporations worldwide with her message of encouragement and empowerment so they are inspired to reach the highest version of themselves.


Dr. Daryll’s extensive expertise has earned her invitations to speak on major stages across the country. She has delivered dynamic live and virtual keynote speeches for large audiences, including the Global Health & Wellbeing Coaching Symposium with YourCoach, Black Speakers Network Speaker Spotlight Live Interview Series with Brian Olds, Living Strong: The Flip Side of Adversity Radio Show with Dr. Veirdra Jackson, Matters of the Heart: Mind, Body, Spirit Webinar with Dr. Chere Goode, Taking Back Control of My Life with Fit 4 Life, DOMINATE your Health, Wealth & Relationships Summit with The Campbell Success Network, Annual Vision Board Event Facilitator with New York Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman, and Empowered Women in Business International Radio, to name a few.


She is a compelling thought leader, visionary, and transformational speaker dedicated to supporting the personal and professional empowerment of women around the world. In line with her relentless passion for helping women succeed, founded Daryll Inspires, a global company that provides women opportunities to build courage, confidence, and connections through workshops, resources, education, and coaching. Dr. Daryll specializes in serving professional women who want to increase their confidence and are stuck in a continuous cycle of self-disappointment. Through sharing her personal weight loss struggles and losing over 400 pounds, Dr. Daryll challenges her clients to embrace waking up feeling absolutely amazing no matter where they are on their journey. She mentors passionately, guiding her clients with results-proven strategies that promote health and wellness, strategic goal planning, and self-love. She is also a bestselling author of Cute & Curvy: Begin Your Journey to Wellness, a wellness guide that provides a structured approach to reaching happier and healthier lifestyle goals. Using her signature ExITcution Wellness Framework, she coaches women who want to release the guilt of not being able to lose weight and be happy where they learn the results-driven strategies she used to release over 400 pounds, to finally lose physical and emotional weight while embracing a Cute Curvy Confident lifestyle. Incorporating positive self-talk, affirmations, mantras, vision boards, meditation, breath work, and journaling she helps them to transform their mindset.


In December 2022, Dr. Daryll released her first motivational album. This intimate and euphoric album includes a collection of newly released R&B/Soul & Inspirational guided affirmations, guided meditations, and songs taking the guesswork out of reaching limitless potential status.


Dr. Daryll is an inspirational figure whose advocacy work for women, young girls, and special needs students and their families has earned her several awards, honors, and recognition for her leadership, dedication, and contributions to her community and the next generation. Her work has been featured on prominent media platforms such as ABC, NBC, Radio One, CBS News, Fox, talk shows, radio, podcasts, magazines, newspapers, and more.