Dr. Sonal Singhal she/her/hers
I help ambitious women creating an effortless life with ease
Civil Engineer, Bach Flower Alchemist, Energy Healer

Sonal Singhal, a Bach Flower Alchemist, NLP Master Practitioner, and Energy Healer, brings a unique blend of expertise to her practice. Armed with a B.Tech. from IIT-Varanasi and a Masters and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from top US universities, Sonal took a bold step, pausing her successful career for three years to uncover the root cause of her chronic physical issues.

Through this transformative journey, she discovered that trapped emotions in one's energy field often manifest as physical problems. Sonal developed a passion for Bach Flower Remedies, witnessing their magical impact on healing negative emotions. Now, she extends her knowledge through online coaching, empowering ambitious women to identify and release deep emotional blocks such as fear of failure, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, fear of judgment, lack of self-compassion, overachievement stress, comparison trap, difficulty delegating, etc.


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