Dr. Ivano Ongaro
Dr. Ivano Ongaro
Ivano has degrees of Bachelor of Science, Doctor of Dental Surgery (with distinction) and Master of Science, as well as numerous other certifications. He has won the WW Wood Award for excellence in clinical teaching during his 12 year tenure of teaching , mentoring and assessment of university students. Currently he is offering customized coaching and mentoring programs based on his proprietary assessment tool.
Ivano is an entrepreneur, a businessman, educator, published author, and artist.  He is now retired from a successful 40-year career as a general dentist in rural Alberta, and a 12-year career as an award winning clinical instructor and mentor to dental students in their clinical years, at the University of Alberta. Now, he is continuing to give back to his community by sharing his wisdom and broad experience in business and entrepreneurship through courses on personal success and building wealth. He also offers Mentorship and Coaching on personal mastery.  Ivano is also an accomplished artist, has participated in a number of curated shows, a one man show and has spoken on art topics and has run  multi-day  sculpture workshops.  His deep knowledge, broad experience in operating multiple successful businesses, implementing successful investment strategies and his pursuit of excellence  make him an ideal coach or mentor for the struggling entrepreneur.


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Buckets of Money

Check your lifestyle to find investment money 

The foundation of creating wealth is the ability of managing expenses to maximize what you retain of your income. The global marketing machine is well honed to extract from you the maximum amount of money that they can and that you are willing to part with. As a consequence you end up spending more on everything that you buy or use, leaving less for you to invest to create your own wealth while contributing to some other person's wealth. You have to think of your income like a bucket full of water. 

Imagine you have a bucket and you walk down to the creek to fetch water. You notice that the bucket gets lighter as you get close to home and by the time you arrive the bucket is empty. You go back to the creek and you refill the bucket only to find the same thing happens. The next time you fill the bucket and hurry back to the house and great, there's some water still in the bucket and as catch you breath you watch the remaining water run out the bottom of the bucket. Back to the creek to refill the bucket, only this time you run home and you've managed to bring back a little bit of water. That's a lot of effort for just a bit of water. The problem lies with the bucket. The bucket has too many leaks, you've got to plug the leaks if you hope to get more water home with your bucket. How do you hope to find money to invest when there doesn't seem to be enough money for the things you need and want? 

You might ask the question, “Where do I find the money to invest?” The answer is that you are probably spending money on lifestyle things that you don't need and that won't help you get rich, money that you could be investing to build your wealth. I say this with confidence because published statistics tell us that about 34% of households in the US earn more that $100,000.00 per year, yet only about 5% of all households have a net worth of $3,000,000 or more. Creating wealth has less to do with how much money you make and more to do with what you do with that money. So, where is the money going? Leaking out of the bucket! 

Does the end of the month arrive and you don't have enough money? Are you using your credit card to pay for your bills? Are you making minimum payments on your credit card debt? If this is the case for you, it's time to have a hard look at what you make and where the money is going. It's time to look at what your needs are and what your wants are and adjust your spending behaviors accordingly. It doesn't have to be dull or boring. Hunting for money can be a fun sport, if you choose to make it so. It's also fun and some times exciting to “plant your money” and watch it grow. The money you find, collect and plant doesn't have to be large but it's important to plant early, because money takes time to grow and bear profits. 

There are several areas of lifestyle where a lot of money is leaking out of your bucket of money, without you realizing it. Careful analysis will show those holes in your money bucket and there are ways to plug them. When you plug some of those holes, you will have buckets of money to invest. 

Another important consideration when it comes to creating wealth is that TIME is very important. The earlier you start investing, the longer your money has time to grow through reinvestment of the profits or capital gains. Most people wake up to the realization that they don't have enough to fund their retirement until it is too late in their lives. Starting to put enough funds into their retirement plan later in life would require great financial sacrifice, which would significantly lower their lifestyle. When it comes to building wealth, time is your friend and investing even modest amounts regularly and starting early in life will add up to substantial returns. The sooner you plug the leaks in your bucket, the sooner you'll have buckets of money to invest. 

Need some help plugging holes in your bucket? It's time to talk. 

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