Dr. Izabelle Grenon she/her/hers
Writer | Speaker | Scientist | Consultant
PhD, MA, BA, Degree in Entrepreneurship

Dr. Grenon offers presentations and workshops for virtual or in-person events with a science, language or cultural theme. She is energetic and passionate with a friendly, easily approachable personality that enables her to captivate young children and teenagers as well as fascinate and inspire adults from all walks of life.

She is an accomplished scholar with 20+ years as a researcher in language acquisition and 10+ years as an educator at the University of Tokyo—the highest-ranked university in Japan. She has presented at international conferences around the world, published several articles in academic journals and has received awards in Canada and Japan for her contribution to the research field. She also served twice as a judge for the English Oratorical Contest at The University of Tokyo—a country-wide speech contest in Japan. 

The originality of her presentations lies in her ability to wave her professional knowledge into her extraordinary real-life experiences. She is an amazing storyteller who delights her audience with humorous and tragic tales of her experiences living in 6 different countries on 4 different continents. Her own unconventional family is an inspiring illustration of cross-cultural unity that transcends ethnic, linguistic and religious differences. 

Whether you need an exciting speaker to entertain a young audience or looking for a distinctive speaker to engage a mature audience, Dr. Grenon is a versatile and flexible speaker who will delight the most demanding audience. She also offers informative sessions for expats, students and migrants planning to move to Japan. 

You may find her professional pages as a scholar on Google Scholar (search: Google Scholar Grenon Tokyo) or on ResearchMap (search:

You may contact her through LinkedIn or her FB page by following the links above.


These are example talks for Izabelle Grenon

What's it like to be married to someone from another culture?

Ever wondered what it is like to be in a relationship with someone from another culture? Maybe you are thinking that cultural differences would be too hard? 
Yes, cultural differences can be unsettling and require a very open mind and an ability to adapt, but they don’t make people divorce. Marriages are done and undone by people, whether they are from the same or different cultural background.

In this presentation we will demystify the myths about the dynamic of the international relationship, and learn the real difficulties related to cultural differences--some of which may surprise you--and what you can do about it. This talk provides the knowledge and awareness to empower people to thrive in their international marriage… or decide when to quit. 


Education Entertainment & Art +4
Culture Marriage +2
Let's Talk Humans (alternative title: The Biodiversity of Humans)

This super fun and entertaining presentation about human language and its diversity is meant for young children aged 9 to 15, but can be easily adapted for a more mature audience. It is an original way to introduce the concept of biodiversity, for instance, or introduce the study of language as a science, and it is the perfect introduction to multiculturalism!

In this interactive and engaging presentation, the young learners are introduced to the fascinating world of human languages while discussing the biodiversity of the world. The presentation fosters critical thinking and collaboration skills through activities that can be done in small teams.  

We investigate intriguing facts about languages, like how many languages are spoken in the world today, how many languages have a writing system, how many languages are endangered and why are they endangered. We also look at language families to illustrate the relation between familiar languages, and discuss how human language differs from other animals' communication systems… or does it?

This presentation uses PowerPoint slides with lots of visual aids with funny and cute examples and is suitable for children who are not native English speakers (but can read English to some degree). 

Education Entertainment & Art +3
Adventure Diversity +2