Dr. Amanda Tambuyser
Break free from people pleasing and low self-worth

Dr. Amanda Tambuyser is a modern Evidence-Based Integrative Transformation (EbIT) specialist, that helps women who are fed up with people pleasing and being walked over. Through her 8 week framework clients find long lasting confidence in their self worth and go on achieving their unrealised dreams. 

Working with Dr. Amanda the clients achieve: 

  • Confidence
  • Knowing their worth
  • Being able stand up for themselves
  • Learn to prioritise themselves
  • Gain clarity and connection with inner self
  • Develop certainty in their actions
  • Find belonging and fulfilment


Raised by a narcissist, Amanda grew up being a pleaser with no identity and low self esteem. It took her over 10 years to educate herself through therapy and personal growth to find a way to break through these destructive patterns that resulted in anxiety, PTSD, ADHD and depression. Thanks to her scientific and analytical background, Amanda immersed into numerous of studies, worked with different specialists and analysed the work of many experts to create a unique method that allows individuals to break free from low self worth and people pleasing. EbIT is a set of powerful techniques that addresses self-esteem issues at its core. Dr. Amanda is passionate about guiding women towards lasting happiness and fulfilment, finding and operating from the confident inner self.