Dianne Pilla she/her/hers
Business and Executive Accelerator
Entrepreneur since 1988, Certified Business Accelerator

Adversity is something we all face, it’s essentially one of those unavoidable aspects of doing business that needs to be managed. No business is immune to adversity, challenges, and adapting.


But what if we took a different approach and saw things from a new perspective? What if we look at all the adversity we naturally encounter in doing business not just as an obstacle thwarting our progress, but as an endless resource for personal and professional growth that actually fast-tracks our progress forward?


It’s all about resiliency, yes, quickly recovering from difficulties, and challenges in your path. Consistently adapting. Operating with a high functioning adaptability quotient (or AQ) describes the top 3% in any industry. It has been quoted as the most valuable skill in the business world today. It’s imperative for all of us. 


Accredited business accelerator and certified neuro-coach, Dianne Pilla is renowned for taking you next-level, guiding you not just to cope with adversity but to OPTIMIZE it, overcome it, and then leverage it for growth and achievement.  


No wonder Dianne’s clients sing her praises, from medium-sized-business owners right on through to high-level solopreneurs. The results of her innovative, empowering approach speak for themselves as she combines proven leadership strategies with her neuro coaching expertise to not just increase business growth and maintain that momentum, but by implementing exclusively customized systems and processes, and to remove patterns that will limit or stop growth. 


You can leverage the power of neuroscience to get you past that plateau and super-charged up for real success. It’s infused with the principles of neuroplasticity so that the change is sustainable. It’s like a secret weapon you’ll always have to tackle any situation, condition, or circumstance the business environment may toss your way. 


Dianne’s signature coaching style immerses the NeuroCoaching Model and is the catalyst that ultimately aligns a business into one of total alignment and generates the outcomes to prove it. 


Working together with Dianne, you'll be investing in a support system of accountability that sets the scene for successful, sustainable business growth. Your newly enhanced neuro-awareness will help you stay the course free of self-sabotage, overwhelm, and stalled growth so that you can enjoy contented flow and fulfilment of everything you envisioned your work would and could be.