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Therapy Redefined

Diane Konkin is the Founder and CEO of Advanced Mind Health, a virtual, no-repeat client therapy practice, specializing in helping high-profile professionals eliminate self-sabotage thought patterns and addictions in only 1-3 sessions with a 99% success rate.

Her passion is to help shift her client's perspectives, creating powerful understanding, awareness and extraordinary breakthroughs. 

Having emotionally supported her late husband through years of bipolar depression and substance use disorder, Diane has a compassionate yet direct approach, which creates a comfortable, results-focused environment and clients love her insight as well as sense of humour. An extensive background in arts management has also contributed to her relaxed and creative approach in facilitating powerful transformations for her valuable clients.

Recently Diane was honoured with winning the 2022 CEO Today Global award for outstanding leadership, vision and entrepreneurship, and continues her passionate mission to educate people that their struggles are not their fault. 

Shehas been invited to contribute to numerous podcasts, speaking events and publications to share her expertise on how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind for ultimate freedom, success and fulfillment.