Diana Morgan
Diana Morgan she/her/hers
Marketing Strategist, Influencer and Educator
Certified Organic Reach Expert and Strategist, 30 years Mark


Diana Concoff  Morgan, Marketing Strategist, Influencer and Educator, international best-selling published author, international speaker is a successful serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience including building 2 successful businesses using the strategies that she teaches her clients. 

Diana helps Coaches, Change Makers and Thought Leaders and other Entrepreneurs who rely largely on relationships and referrals to gain new clients. The Whole Heart Marketing Strategy is designed to increase connections and convert them into referrals and clients with tried and tested strategies.

Diana has passionately helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses, specializing in training on how to Master the Art of Online Communication, Networking and Client Attraction.

Diana talks about:

4 Keys to Create a Monetizable Online Presence that will attract On-going Referrals and Clients 

During this talk you will:

*Learn the essential elements of a monetizable online presence that will attract ongoing clients and referrals;

*Discover the missing link to your internet marketing success;

*Learn how to harness the power of social media to grow authentic online presence with free organic reach strategies. 

*Leave with an internet marketing strategy to grow your brand, position yourself as the expert in your field and reach your ideal clients.