LtCol (ret.) Dennis Mellen
Powering Teams For Peak Performance
M.S., M.P.M. Air Force LtCol (ret.), Alaska Airlines Captain

Dennis Mellen brings years of leadership experience as a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, a twenty-eight-year retired Alaska Airlines Fleet Captain in charge of 650 pilots and 40 instructors, and a bestselling author. He is an internationally recognized speaker, an executive leadership coach, and a certified athletic mental performance master. His target audience is future, as well as established leaders. He attended numerous Air Force leadership schools and is a graduate of the USAF Academy. A seasoned speaker whose goal is to bring education, inspiration, and entertainment to a variety of leaders looking to connect the culture with the vision. His recent appearances include the Air Force Academy, the Leading Voice Summit, NBC's the Morning Blend, and numerous appearances on CBS, ABC, and podcasts.


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Stop Chasing Employees Away, the Ultimate K.P.I. to be a Talent Retention Magnet

Disengaged employees, “quiet quitters” are costing you 18% of your payroll in lost performance. Engage your employees so they feel “I get to go to work” instead of “I have to go to work”. Leaders are the single biggest influencers on culture and performance. engage your employees through the power in your positive leadership.

Every business has a report card whether it is a financial statement, a performance review, or a set of K.P.I.'s known as key performance indicators. The presentation covers the “ultimate K.P.I.” which makes leaders talent magnets and promotes positive leadership to 3X your profits.

The Art of Impactful Leadership: Secrets to Ignite Elite Performance Today
Business Education +2
Key Performance Indicators Positive Leadership +1


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