Debra L Morrison
Debra L Morrison
Finance, Wealth, Money Coach, retirement, investment

Debra translates over 40 years of experience into easy-to-follow practical steps to help you locate, organize, and begin to understand your finances firsthand. You can still live ‘large’, all the while stockpiling investments for your long-term goals–tuition, retirement, or travel. Debra’s 5-step easy plan helps you create a realistic and fun budget that you’ll commit to maintaining.

Debra understands that women are hard-wired with the common sense necessary to understand investments.  She loves to leverage her wisdom as a CFP®, Author, and Grief Coach beyond her client base with live speaking events, live and teleseminar workshops, books, and educational CDs and DVDs. This confluence of talents, complimented by her ready wit and sense of humor make Debra the obvious choice speaker for your next event! “I love engaging my audience and watching the light bulb come on as they realize that past conditioning has nothing to do with the ability to understand finances, money-talk, and how to invest wisely for maximum income in retirement.