DeBorah Beatty
DeBorah Beatty she/her/hers
Life Docent/Color Ray Energist

I am the Badass Color Mystic. I work with color energies to help women uncover their Secret Selves and create lives of Power, Passion and Possibility. My work evolved out of a lifetime of perceiving people as colors and observing similar behaviors within those colors. Now I use my Colorisity System to coach and guide women along my signature Betrayal to Badass Path as they work towards becoming Bodacious, Assertive, Determined, Approachable, Serene, and Secure (B.A.D.A.S.S.)


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Walking the Betrayal to Badass Path - shedding the shame and blame of betrayal stories

Betrayal is tough. We've all experienced it: personal, relationship, career, weight loss, parental, etc. They're all different types. What we do with betrayal feelings is on us. We create a story about what happened that we begin to believe after a while. I have a process to separate the story from the facts and in that lies freedom to go from victim to victor! Find the gift in the betrayal, there always is at least one. 


Education Family & Parenting +2
Betrayal Recovery +2
Color Outside Your Lines

What color are you? What colors make you happy? What colors shut you down? Why? Let's figure that out and learn to use the color ray attributes to our advantage. Once you learn the attributes, you can better control your reactions to external stimuli.

Education Family & Parenting +2
brainstorming color ray energy +2
How Do I Love Me?

When we're feeling unloved/unlovable, we tend to shut down and not engage with the world around us, focusing instead on feeling undeserving and unworthy. The first person that needs to be focused on to change that is ourselves. When was the last time you went out on a date? By yourself? How well do you know that person you see in the mirror every day? 

Business Family & Parenting +5
Personal Development Personal Growth +1