Debbie Small
Debbie Small she/her/hers
Business strategist, speaker, futurist and connector.
Helping business owners have a much easier business journey.

Debbie Small is a business strategist and thought leader who connects business owners with high calibre business experts; and helps you build a better business with more focus and less overwhelm. Debbie also has the ability to see opportunities for growth within your business assets.

As the Founder of Empowerment Point, the Empowerment Point Global Business Directory & Education Hub and Co-Founder of the Aussie Business Accelerator, Debbie works with business owners who are passionate about making this world a better place and building their businesses with solid business foundations one step at a time.

Her passion is seeing business owners love what they do, thrive in their business and love their life.


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Having a better business with more focus and less overwhelm
Business Leadership +1
Affiliate Marketing Authenticity +29


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