Deb Alcadinho
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Social Impact Expert, Trainer, Consultant, Speaker, Author

Deb Alcadinho is a passionate social entrepreneur, social impact expert, trainer and consultant, speaker and author. She is the founder of Business 4 Social Good™️  and creator of the Social Good Academy™️ and Social Purpose Playbook™️ training courses. 

Deb speaking topics: Social Entrepreneurship, Social Impact in Business, Leading with Purpose, The Competitive Advantage of Social Impact in Business. Community Impact of Social Impact. The Social Purpose Playbook.  

Deb works with business owners to make profit with purpose and use business as a force for good to help solve social or environmental issues. Her social impact training aligns a cause the business champions with a charitable partner and fully embeds the cause throughout all levels of the business. Deb knows social impact businesses: weather recessions better, are more profitable, have more engaged employees and customers, have a competitive advantage, and connect with their community on a deeper level.  


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