Deanna Hansen
CEO and Founder of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy
Founder of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy, Number 1 Best selling author on Amazon for Unblock Your Body - How Fascia Decompression is the Missing Link in Healing

As the founder of this practice, I have extensive knowledge of the fascia and how it affects every aspect of health and well-being. I can talk on any subject, from chronic pain, issues with weight, aging, disease, mental health . . . and can tailor the discussion to any audience from the elite athlete to those suffering with debilitating disease. I love being interviewed and enjoy the free flow of communication. I have been on multiple platforms and am frequently asked back to continue the conversation as there is no shortage of topics to discuss. I have been doing this work for 21 years and have a global community of people using my system, having transformative results. 

Block Therapy is a self-care healing modality that only requires the tools -The Block Buddy and Block Baby to be shipped, and all information is done through video. I have a membership site with 100's of hours of guided classes and programs to ensure everyone's needs are met. We have over 1000 active members and this is growing daily.

I also have a university program - Block Therapy University where I train people to teach Block Therapy to their community, as well as all over the world. We have over 220 people in the program, in almost every corner of the planet.

I have an affiliate program that is wonderful for Hosts. It is a 2 tiered system and depending on the reach of the host, there is a lot of income to be made as I have an extremely high conversion rate.

I love to work directly with the host to see if there is anything specific that needs to be created to ensure their audience is getting exactly what they want and need.

Doing interviews is where I shine. I love sharing my work, whether on video or audio, and also enjoy answering live questions.

If you are interested in considering me for an interview, I would love to get on a call to see if this is the right fit.



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