Dawn Rishárd, M.A.
Restorative Love Coach, Wake Up to Real Love podcast, Women's Empowerment Speaker
With 20 years as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Marriage and Family Systems, I specialized in couples, families, and women's empowerment. With my personal experience, I have a soft spot to help women struggling in their marriages, like I did. As an Intuitive healer, I empower my clients to release the past, open their hearts, and receive the love they desire. I help unlock Self Love, Clarity, and Connection, despite the challenges. I am an expert at restoring people’s intimacy in life and love.

I spent years helping couples heal their marriages while I couldn’t fix my own. After 27 years, I chose to value myself over my marriage, which led to divorce.  I reclaimed my life, dignity, joy, restored my heart, and found my passion, confidence, & freedom!  Today I speak and teach people to heal from within, and become the intimate partner they are searching for.

As an Air Force “brat,” I moved every 3 years.  My parents, still married after 58 years, taught me the importance of family.  They modeled kindness, respect, optimism, consideration, open and honest communication, problem solving skills, and the power of unconditional love and forgiveness.  To treat people the way you want to be treated.  The Golden Rule still applies.  

My values are Spirituality, Intimacy, and Connection with both Self & Others.  The ability to laugh at ourselves and to know that “this too shall pass.”  Life is full of challenges but with love and support, we'll get through them, grow stronger, and more wise.  To follow your heart & trust your intuition.  I'm very thankful I had good role models!  Despite the challenges in my own marriage, my 3 children (2 sons ages 22 and 20, and a daughter 18) turned out pretty amazing!  

I launched my podcast to help normalize people's relational and emotional struggles, and learn about the Most Important Relationship They’'ll Ever Have.  I want to empower people to feel loved and accepted, valued, and an important part of the community.

My passions: World Travel, adventures & culture, dance of all kinds ( I love hip-hop & tango), music & art, Spirituality, and personal growth.


  1. Freedom from Heartbreak, Divorce, Betrayal - From heartache and disappointment to love again! 
  2. What we sacrifice for love -  Empower yourself in partnership
  3. Naked and Unashamed - Passion and Intimacy in AND outside the bedroom
  4. Navigating the Dance of Becoming Whole - Embrace Masculine and Feminine in Self and Other
  5. Love is the Key - How to unlock your heart

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