Dave Williams
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#1 Bestselling Author of 'Confidence for Life'

#1 Bestselling author ‘Confidence for Life’, Multi-Award-Winning Life Coach and International Speaker

“With no hesitation, Dave has been the best guest speaker we have ever had.”
- Bosco Bonilla – Provost – Universidad Americana - Nicaragua

Dave Williams has been described as a ‘powerful and inspirational speaker’, who is also a 
#1 Bestselling author ‘Confidence for Life – 23 Proven Strategies to Increase YOUR Confidence’, multi-award-winning Master Coach who has had the pleasure of speaking in 4 different continents. 

In 2015, Dave and his partner were having their most successful year to date.  Out of the blue, his partner died totally unexpectantly which sent him into a vortex of anxiety, depression and nearly taking the ultimate step!  After unsuccessfully searching for strategies to help him get better, he put his own successful strategies together and started helping others achieve great results in a shorter space of time.  This has led to Dave’s remarkable story being featured in the worldwide publication ‘Lightbulb Moments, Through the Eyes of Men, Stories of Hope – Vol 3’ and other publications, and being awarded ‘Inspirational Man 2022’ by Mo2Vate Media.

As the founder of Dave Williams Coaching, he has had the pleasure of working with many major UK organisations including, Jakemans, B&M, The Priory, Pilkington, to name but some, and personal clients including CEO’s, directors, managers, senior Police officers, single parents and athletes – and pretty much everyone in between.  Dave’s focus is on the individual and impacting them in way that will make their lives better as he doesn’t want anyone else to struggle like he did, so they can live a happy, fulfilled life! Leading him to learn from some of the world’s most prominent leaders in the field of self-development.

With nearly 40 years management experience, and working with many major UK organisations, Dave felt that many of the issues he found the organisations were experiencing were the same as when he started in management in the 1980’s.  Therefore, he founded The Management M.A.S.T.E.R.Y. University helping organisations and their teams enhance themselves and their skills at the same time.  Leading one HR Director to comment “you are our secret weapon.” 

An engaging and informative speaker who is able to educate and move his audience on a journey of life improvement. Dave’s real area of expertise and passion is people and how to help them improve their lives.  Typical delegate outcomes include:  An ROI, practical implementation steps for immediate results, feeling inspired, more confidence, and having simple strategies to make considered changes to improve their lives both professionally and personally. Booking Dave is a must.


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