Daniel Hammond
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Trailblazing Problem-Solver / Organizational Transformation

Daniel co-authored Customer Driven Leadership - Legacy Edition a proven technique with over 25 years of success for empowering and engaging your people to continually improve how your organization serves its customers; Servant Leadership meets Entrepreneurial Problem-Solving. 

Daniel is also a world-class Cyber Exercise Designer and Facilitator including leading industry-level exercises of his design in front of a Cabinet-level official. 

Daniel is a (John) Maxwell Leadership certified Speaker/Trainer/Coach, a Strategic Coach 10x client, an expert interrogation instructor and course developer, and he is part of leadership advisory boards of several non-profits including the LoveLight Campaign for Central America committed to addressing the root-causes of irregular migration in the Northern Triangle of Central America. 

Finally, Daniel is always happy to share his faith, if desired, and his volunteer work with Christ Restoration Center Ministries as an inner healing Team Leader and Instructor.