Cori Willis
Cori Willis
Business Strategist, Coach, & Writer

Cori Willis is an in-demand coach, strategist, and all-around friend to entrepreneurs.  She believes that things don't have to be so hard and that EASY is still available.  

A retired attorney, family business consultant, and state-trained mediator, Cori offers elite coaching and life-changing programs to individuals, couples, and business partners who are looking for their EASY.  

Cori is the author of an Amazon best-seller and three law school textbooks.  She also is the creator of Find Your God-Given Gifts, Gifted365™, and the forthcoming Highest & Best - 365™.  

While helping thousands of clients to find their God-given gifts for 5+ years, Cori realized one thing: even when people find their gifts, some people's self-concept is still not big enough to house the call on their lives.

Self-Concept Rx™  and Highest & Best - 365™ are the antidotes to that!