Colin Brown
Colin Brown

Colin Brown graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Business Management and an emphasis in Marketing. He is a self-taught programmer/techy and started Syncnet, Inc. in 1987 from his college apartment. While the business has had to evolve over the years as technology has changed, Colin has built systems that have processed over $400 million in transactions.  Today his Virtual Event Management software is helping companies pivot to our new normal of doing business.

Colin presented at a national association’s business valuation conference and has been invited back to speak for the last 6 years.  He speaks on the topics of, “Filling your Marketing Pipeline with Digital Marketing”, “Building your Authority Through Online Marketing”, “Marketing Automation”, and “Build Authority without Paying for Ads”.

Colin has also assisted a client in the production of over 540+ live webinars, 8 fully virtual multi-day, multi-session conferences and has helped manage 15 hybrid conferences all on Zoom.  His home office is set up as a virtual stage for facilitating and presenting virtual events and workshops.