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everyone deserves a happy space

If you want the richest performance from yourself and every member of your team, let's chat!

I'm a highly sensitive executive coach and speaker focused on the intersection of productivity and inclusivity. After 15 years in the corporate world, I left to bring organizing and productivity skills to people at home and at work. Since 2009, I've been a media contributor to television, radio, and online outlets such as Fast Company, the Huffington Post, the Globe and Mail, CBC Radio, The Social, and more.

It's an honour to share my messages of sustainable performance, successful work-life integration, and expanding inclusivity on international stages. As part of the Staples Work From Anywhere Advisory Council, I tune into the evolution of hybrid work and its potential for greater inclusivity. 

You may wish to check out the Happy Space Podcast and associated community - the Happy Space Pod - for highly sensitive people and those who wish to better understand and support them. You can find all the details at

The future is bright and we all deserve a place in it.