Christine Rothdeutsch
Lead Generation and Sales Systems Expert

Christine Rothdeutsch. is a speaker, author, systems design specialist, and master implementer. She works with coaches and speakers who are serious about growing their business and know that having effective systems in place, leads to greater profit margins. Christine blends her unique skills of business operations management and precision automation implementation to give her clients the systems they need to run a highly efficient, highly profitable and highly impactful business. Christine believes that, with the right systems in place, anyone can achieve their dream of owning a 6 or 7 figure business!



These are example talks for Christine Rothdeutsch

How to Build a Business You Can Grow Forever Without Being Harnessed to a Nightmare
Solopreneurs have an advantage and disadvantage in building a profitable business. The advantage is that you can run a lean no-employee business. The disadvantage is that you can easily get bogged down in learning new things and the technology that goes with them. Before the solopreneur knows it, they wake up every day wondering what to do first and aren’t making a profit. 

In this talk, I’ll show you how you can sift through all the noise, create a plan, and grow your business forever. 

Business Business Plan +3
Shift Your Productivity Perspective and Change the World
Being productive isn’t all about spreadsheets and lists. You can change the world by shifting your productivity habits. 

Business Leadership +1
Business Business Plan +4
Stop Leaking Money in Your Business
In this presentation, Christine is going to reveal 3 key areas entrepreneurs are leaking money and don't realize. 
Business Getting Unstuck +3