Christiana Genie
Christiana Genie she/her/hers
I help women set boundaries and create clear path in life.

Christiana Genie empowers corporate women to claim their power, set boundaries, and create space for pleasure and success without guilt and overthinking.

Christiana Genie started her career in coaching in 2008 as a Child & Parenting Coach.

Today, she specializes in supporting women to understand their automatic behaviors and shift their mindset in a way that they become unstoppable toward their personal and professional goals.

Her goal is to help as many women as possible release the old limiting paradigm of the woman who covers everybody else’s needs but hers and create a new expanding and powerful prototype of the new-age woman who understands her value, covers her needs, and speaks her truth confidently.

In April 2023 she established the women's community "Women Evolve" in Cyprus and it now has over 70 women registered in it. The community aims to create a safe space as well as a support network for women in Cyprus.

She is an Accredited Senior Coach by EMCC, a Mentor at WOT (Women On Top) Greece, Member of ICF (International Coaching Federation) and a Member of BPW Cyprus (Cyprus Federation of Business and Professional Women). 

Christiana is the founder of the Inner Growth Academy in Cyprus, and a speaker on personal development subjects at various government and private organizations worldwide.