Cheryl Stelte
Cheryl Stelte she/her/hers
I Help People Energetically Heal & Step Into Their Power
Spiritual Coach, Master Healer, Author & Speaker

Cheryl has been a spiritual entrepreneur for over two decades and is the the best
selling author of two books, the latest being Client Magnet, The Coaches Guide to
Attract Ideal Clients through Spiritual Awareness.
She is the founder and CEO of Star of Divine Light Institute and Azarias On-Line
Energy Healing. In addition to her psychic abilities, Cheryl holds diplomas and
certifications in multiple energy healing modalities, spiritual leadership, coaching,
mentoring, retreat guiding, shamanism, acupressure, meditation, and instinctive
feng shui.
Cheryl is sought after for her ability to help others break through barriers where
nothing else worked.