Joya Sosnowski
Chief Love Amplifier
UCLA Mindfulness, Mindfulschools Mindfulness, Mindful Exercises Mindfulness Certifications, University of Santa Monica Spiritual Psychology Coaching, Sound Healing Institute, Trained with Ghita Ben David, Trained with Jeralyn Glass & Sacred Science of Sound, Quantum University & Science of Mind Reverend.

Rev. Joya Sosnowski, B.Msc, MMT,  is an EXPERT in working with mindset & and mastering the invisible forces that govern us all. Everything in the Universe is Vibration, Sound, Light, and Consciousness. That includes you. You’re a dynamic energy system. 

🧲 The “law of attraction” works with vibration - it’s actually the law of resonance - like attracts like. You have to come into resonance with the energy of what you WANT to create. You don’t create what you want - you create what you are. 🔥 

An autodidact  & polymath who never stops growing and learning, she is a Spiritual Mind Practitioner & Metaphysical Reverend and founder of Lessons of Mastery - a spiritual group that meets on Sundays. She is an accomplished artist who teaches expressive art, a lover of music, she is a certified  Sound Healer and facilitates expressive dance classes for embodied meditation practices. She is a UCLA, Mindful Schools & Mindfulness Exercises certified mindfulness trainer, a Gene Keys Guide and is enrolled in University of Santa Monica’s Soul Centered Living 2021, a master course in Spiritual Psychology Coaching.