Chantel Tavares
Chantel Tavares she/her/hers
Money Coach | Speaker | Fellow Creative in Music and Acting

Chantel is a Money Coach on a mission to coach creatives to master their financials so they thrive and ditch the money struggle. She has 5+ years of experience with budgeting personal finances and a passion for helping guide creatives (especially music and acting creatives) out of the mind of losing money and into the mindset of having control of their cash.⁣⁣


She has enjoyed speaking on both live and virtual platforms, from toastmasters to hosting on Zoom.

⁣⁣She has a passion to speak on:

-Saving for a Rainy Day attracts Rain only

-The importance Money has on Creative Careers

-How There's More Money Resources than You Think

-Money Shouldn't Determine your Career, it's the Other Way Around

-Budget Failures don't mean Money Failures

-Budgeting is not One Size fit all