Carrie Vanston
Carrie Vanston
Leadership Mindset Coach & Speaker
Certified Leadership Mindset Coach ICF Accredited Leadership Coach Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner Professional Speaker - National Speakers Association.

In her fun, interactive, motivating presentations, Carrie Vanston provides practical, fun, easy ways for shifting your audiences out of the proverbial alligator pit of too much stress and overwhelm and on to growing their businesses with:


  • Energized thinking
  • Interacting for true win-win
  • Leading with passion and impact.


Her warm style, inspiring examples, and audience interactions open ​​doors to deeper relationships, amazing opportunities, and moving forward in lives and businesses.


Carrie is co-author of the award-winning book MiniTrends. Her article “7 Tips for Getting Out of the COVID-19 Alligator Pit” recently appeared in the prestigious Texas CEO Magazine.


Carrie enjoys speaking on being a more intentional, connected, and visionary leader. She has presented at the World Futures Society, IEEE, University of Texas SAGE Program, World Affairs Council, Six Square, Business Success Center, RISE, HIREDTexas, Morgan Stanley, Laurea University, Finland, BiGAUSTIN, Launch Pad, Product Camp, Texas Women's Chamber, and many others. 


She is also a popular podcast guest. Her warm style, inspiring examples, and audience interactions open doors to deeper relationships, amazing opportunities, and moving forward in life and business.


Carrie is active in the community and leads the Association of Corporate Growth’s (ACG) Corporate Executives Austin/San Antonio Roundtable. She was nominated for the 2021 Austin Business Journal’s Profiles in Power.


She is an iPEC Certified Leadership Mindset Coach (CPC), Accredited ICF Coach (ACC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), and a Professional Speaker with the National Speakers Association.


On the personal side, Carrie loves to dance, travel, and spend time with her two children.


Give your audiences the gift of a positive mindset, deeper connection, and more joy and abundance in their businesses and lives. Carrie’s Guarantee: Audiences always leave saying “See you later Alligator!”