Carolyn CJ Jones
Carolyn CJ Jones she/her/hers
Guiding you to resolve resentment, forgive, and find peace
RN (Ret.), Certified Life Coach

Carolyn CJ Jones is a multi-award-and-medal-winning Author, Forgiveness Coach, Transformational Speaker, and a retired Registered Nurse of 27 years. Having been an angry, bitter, blaming victim for 30 years of her adulthood, CJ discovered the miracle of forgiveness at the age of 52. She now lives in peace, where she is free, living in a state of gratitude and positivity. This experience guides her writing, coaching, and speaking endeavors. 

As the creator of the YIPPEE Method of Healing, CJ speaks to audiences about the stages of YIPPEE (Yearn, Investigate, Process, Practice, Evolve, and Empower). She speaks about gratitude and compassion as two portals to forgiveness. CJ shares her story, which allows audiences to connect with her emotionally. 

CJ lives 30-minutes north of San Francisco with her 14-year-old kitty, Niki. Her passions include designing marketing material for her business, tending to her many plants, and renovating kitchens, baths, cars, and boats.