Brynna Wilson
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Behavioral Finance Specialist Upgrading Your Financial Brain

Brynna Wilson is the owner and founder of Citrine & Gold LLC, a financial services firm that focuses on minority groups such as the LGBTQ+ community and female entrepreneurs. Citrine & Gold exists simply to break down barriers, self-beliefs, and change the rules of the capitalism game to create wealth for those that have never seen it.

As a Financial Advisor and Money Coach, Brynna is passionate not only about making the logical side of money simple to understand but the psychological and emotional side of money a way to break through old habits. By helping her clients become aware of what is going on behind the scenes of their money decisions, Brynna creates lasting changes for people so they can live the life of their dreams without fear and anxiety getting in the way.

Brynna is a outdoor enthusiast, personal growth junkie, and lover of creating authentic connections with other humans in the world. Brynna leads workshops, speaking engagements, and personal meetings with people who are ready to move from just surviving, to THRIVING when it comes to wealth and money.