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Certified NLP trainer/practioner Certified Sales Trainer, Ceritified Master Coach

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Keynote Speaker, Workshop Presenter, Facilitator, Mediator, Author, Executive Coach & Trainer

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For more than 30 years, Brian Azar's sales training and coaching methods have changed the way people do business. As president of The Sales Catalyst Inc. for the last 27 years, he has been a keynote speaker, consultant, coach and facilitator to thousands of individuals, companies and associations, committed to making a difference through blended learning and INDIVIDUAL SHIFTS TO higher purpose ACTIONS.
Brian Azar has conducted entrepreneurial, business development, teambuilding, masterminding, collaboration, sales training, management, and workforce development seminars throughout the United States and around the world   
A dynamic, results-oriented public speaker, coach, noted sales trainer, mentor and business consultant, Brian has helped sales and business professionals just like you, to experience success through training, coaching, motivation technology, strategic planning and consulting.
As a former record-breaking sales representative and sales manager for Xerox Corporation whoutilized "out of the box" creative processes, he has a unique viewpoint on both large and small businesses, and the needs of companies, institutions and associations in today's global economy and digital world.
Today, as part of the well known Avadon Group, workforce development specialists, Brian applies his legendary "Sales Doctor's Prescriptions For Success", and technology,which HAS trained thousands of sales professionals, to teach and train individual workers how to promote, market, and bring out the best in themselves in every situation.
For each person, Brian is able to provide the means for breaking down one's internal barriers and realizing one's own inherent potential for success, through the use of "NLP". He is able to HELP them discover their unique "communication style", how it relates to others and how to apply it effectively and efficiently, in the workplace.
Brian Azar is extremely active in his community, donating over 20 hours a month as a board member of: Junior Leadership of Durham, North Carolina, Youth Advisory Council for the Workforce Development Corp and Multicultural Business Committee for the Durham Chamber of Commerce.
As Commissioner of Human Relations, for the city of Durham, North Carolina, a highly diverse, multicultural city, Brian is often invited to speak on the topic of "Diversity In The Workplace Is Good Business" as well as related topics on "The New World Of Multiculturism And Diversity."

Main Areas of Expertise
Brian is an expert at speaking to, educating and training others in an entertaining manner, utilizing Blended Learning, "Edutainment" and Personal Development, to break down barriers preventing individual success so that a new paradigm can be built and implemented with less stress and effort
Target Industries: Brian's training is universal and is unique because it can be custom-tailored for each specific institution, association or industry. His main focus is collaborative communication, alliance-building, sales training and workforce development for any market or industry in need.  
Brian's Philosophy: " My purpose in Life, is to find specifically, exactly what it is that people, organizations and institutions, want or need; to help them get it quickly and elegantly (even if I can't give it to them personally) and have them feel good about it, my company and me!"
Best Selling Keynote Speeches, Workshops, Seminars, Services
Everybodt Sells!...A New way to Market, Promote or Sell Yourself to Others.
Sales Professional Certification Program,
One-On-One, Group Or Team Coaching
Future Selling ­ The 10-Step Sales Interview
The Ten Laws of Business Success
The Sales Doctor: Selling from the Inside Out
Career Change or Transitions
Career Plateauing or Burnout
I Hate Coldcalls!... A New Way to Prospect and Attract Clients
Management Without Tears...A Revolutiony NEW Way to Manage Yourself and Others
The 10 Deadly Sins Of Poor Leadership
The 10 Deadly Sins Of Poor Customer Service!
Diversity In The Workplace...It's Good Business!

Brian Azar Books
Your Successful Sales Career
The SALES DOCTOR: Selling from the Inside Out
The 10 Rules for Sales Success
Your "QuickStart" for Success
The 10 Laws of Business Success  
Other Programs & Highlights
Over the past 30 years, Brian has built a client list that reads like a "who's who" of business, trade associations, and charities. Also, his methods have been the foundation for the American Management Association's sales training over the last 27 years.
As founder and past director of New York President's Club, he enlisted and worked with over 1,500 CEOs and their employees, He is equally adept at teaching,training and coaching  people of any age and skill set.
Brian has also presented Self-Esteem, Personal Development, and Leadership Skills in the Durham, N.C., public school system, helping ensure each child has the means and ability to succeed in life.
Sales Tips from Brian Azar
1. Light up Your Network by continuing to forge relationships across and outside your firm. Successful networks are key to making things happen and will give you unprecedented power and connections.
2. Expand Your Group of Mentors by utilizing older and newly retired professionals to help you understand where your company is in on its journey, help you understand the motivations of the lead characters and give you a powerful endorsement.
3. Become a Scout  by asking and listening to your customers and vendors in the right way. Schedule time with them to share information and find out who they see as succeeding or struggling so you can determine how your company can continue on its path to success.
4. Be the Person that Everyone Wants for the Job  if you want to be promoted. Also, use the new, growing corporate flexibility to make your own people more successful, and, therefore, more loyal, as their resulting strengths and success will find its way back to you.
Getting Started With Brian Azar
Specializing in the behavioral and motivational practices of buyers, sellers, managers and employees, Brian helps each individual develop from their own strengths, leveraging existing, often hidden talents, skills and abilities. Brian's proven training methods transform negative energy, lack of motivation and poor communication skills into productive and positive growth. He accomplishes this by applying a number of methods, including: coaching, (One-On-One or Group) training, consulting and mentoring.
This is why getting started with Brian begins with filling out his unique
Quick Start Form:
as it allows him to understand what areas you want to improve upon.
Whether you want to attend one of his seminars, arrange for one-on-one or group coaching for your people, or enlist his business team or workforce development training for your company, Brian focuses on the problems you want to solve. Get in touch with him today.
Your Success Awaits!

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ADDRESS: The Sales Catalyst
410 Loblolly Drive
Durham, NC 27712-8919
PHONE: 1-919-520-1551