Brad Borkan
Brad Borkan he/him/his
Author of award-winning books on improving decision making
Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

"If you ever get the chance to hear Brad speak, seize it. Not only will you hear a spellbinding account of some of the toughest journeys every undertaken, you’ll also come away feeling challenged to make courageous choices in your own life."

“I was riveted throughout the talk, listening to the adventurous  and courageous stories of those amazing Antarctic explorers."

Brad Borkan has a lifelong interest in how people – and businesses - survive, and thrive, in almost impossible situations. Brad has a graduate degree in Decision Sciences and a strong multi-national business background, enabling him to relate his talks to the modern business needs of leadership, teamwork, goal attainment and effective decision making. 

During his talks, Brad shares unforgettable adventure stories about the challenges and decisions facing the early Antarctic Explorers – Scott, Shackleton, Amundsen and Mawson.  His presentations are illustrated with fascinating historical photographs from the actual expeditions. You will learn powerful techniques to improve decision making, at a personal, team or business level. 

Brad is co-author of two award-winning books and is a passionate and experienced public speaker. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.