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The Frugal Techie Coach | Networking Queen

Blaney Teal is a successful, modern-day “Mompreneur” from Baltimore, MD. She has impacted the lives of countless entrepreneurs and business owners with her vibrant, energetic, and magnetic personality. With over 25 years in the entrepreneurial space, she is an expert in hosting in-person & virtual events.  Her passion for helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business is apparent from the 1st time you meet her.

Blaney is the Founder of Making Business Connections (MBX), a premier nation-wide networking organization that is expanding. MBX is a non-exclusive organization, hosting networking lunches and happy hours in a fun, informative business setting.

Blaney is also known as the Frugal Techie Coach serving solorpeneurs,sales professionals and small business owners. She helps them implement tools, tech and systems into their business saving them time and money without breaking the budget. 


  • Blaney is looking to speak on stages and podcast where she can share her frugal techie tools, systems and automations for business oweners & solopreneurs.  Signature talk - "Tech Tools that Business Owners Can't Live Without"
  • Blaney can also speak on the F.U.N. Method of Networking where she can share her secrets to building lasting connections.

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These are example talks for Blaney Teal

The F.U.N. Method of Networking

In this prevention,  you will learn the F.U.N. method of networking that if the core that Blaney Teal lives by as the host of in-person and virtual networking events.  You will learn how to get maximum ROI from your networking time.

Business Marketing +1
Marketing Networking +1
Business Tools you can't live without!

Fun presentation of sharing tech tools, systems and automations to make the business professional's life easier. Saving them time and money. 

Business Marketing +1
Business Business Consulting +2


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