Bill Pratt

Bill Pratt, Host of CoachingBizCon, is a college professor, business and money coach, textbook author, and professional speaker. He has also been featured on a twice-monthly TV program called Money Matters. Bill works with industry influencers including Jay Shetty and Rob Goyette. He believes that with the right information, people will accumulate wealth faster and will be able to use that wealth to improve the lives of those around them.


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The Irresistible Coaching Model You Can Offer from Stage
In this talk, we discuss what the flex coaching on demand model is all about. You will learn how you can deliver these full 60-minute sessions in a package that makes it worth it for you and irresistible to your clients. Perfect for anyone looking to add an entry-level coaching package, a down-sell to their high-end offer, or for those considering adding a coaching offer to their business.

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