Becky Colwell
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Sales is just another business skill-not a personality trait
Sales Mentor, Coach and Trainer. International Speaker.

Becky is a sales expert, helping kind business owners learn sales skills that are aligned with their values.

Becky believes that sales is just another business skill, not a personality trait, and that sales conversations are just connected conversations that can lead to a yes please with ease™.

If you’ve ever crumbled when asking for money, or felt an ideal client slip away for no apparent reason, then it’s probably sales skills that you need.

No one starts their business wanting to be good at sales, and yet it’s one of the many business skills that underpins our financial success. 


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3 ways to unlock your sales potential

Summary: When we understand what might be holding us back from effective sales conversations we can make the mindset shifts that bring us ease and confidence in our business.

What will they learn: The 3 most common blocks to sales, and how to re-frame them for your success.

Business Mindset
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