Barry Moline
Barry Moline
CEO and Author
CEO, Award-Winning Author, Mentor and Coach. Authentic and entertaining speaker, focusing on giving individuals the tools to become great leaders at every level in their organization. A recognized national leader who shares lessons learned from more than 25 years as a CEO.

With 25+ years as a CEO, Barry has learned a lot about successful management and leadership. He is an award-winning author, who is constantly tracking trends and new ideas. Barry wrote an award-winning book, Connect! How to Quickly Collaborate for Success in Business and Life, where he divulges the secrets that help build great teams. He speaks regularly on Leadership and Building a Culture of Teamwork. In his spare time he boxes and plays hockey (wait, aren’t those the same thing?), which keep him fit, youthful, and sometimes, a little pushy. Barry holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois in Vocational and Technical Education and a Master’s degree from Washington University in Engineering and Policy. 


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Lead at Every Level
Everyone can lead, and we need more leaders because they create organizations of action and success. Unfortunately, many people fail to understand the ingredients necessary to lead. In this highly interactive presentation, Barry breaks down the elements of leadership and what you must do to lead. Barry has solved the leadership puzzle and is eager to share. Individuals will be inspired to lead from every level of their organization.

Participants will walk away as highly motivated leaders. They will discover their past leadership experiences. They will learn how to quickly bring people together, which is the foundation for teamwork. They will take responsibility for their role in helping others accomplish their organization’s mission. And finally, they will learn the leader’s mindset, and fully understand the changes they must make to be a great leader.

Key Takeaways: • Elements of leadership, what’s important and what’s not • The major personality traits leaders need • Specific actions to grow into the leader you want to be • The four most important characteristics of a leader

Who Should Attend: • Trailblazers who want to be well-rounded leaders • Managers and supervisors who want their staff to take greater initiative • Individuals who see themselves as future leaders but are not sure what action to take
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