Barbara Ellison
Barbara Ellison
Barbara Ellison Your Personality Pro...Because Personality Drives Reality
Certified Personality Science Trainer & Coach Certified Dream Coach NLP Master Certified Life Coach Train the Trainer

Barbara Ellison is a Speaker, Author, Show Host, Personality Trainer , Dream Coach & Wellness Brand Partner. She works with midlife men/women who are ready to make this year the year to thrive and become the best ever versions of themselves.

Barbara is on a mission to make Happiness the norm by awakening the world to live happy, healthy,  financially free abundant lives.


Barbara Co-hosts the Time2Shine Happiness Show with Barbara Beckley and the Everyday Riches Show with co-host Jason Tracey.

She has been a guest on several podcasts and summits including the Feminija Podcast with Cheryl Ilove, The Pursuing Profits with Principles Podcast with Regina Bergman & the Coffee & Grit podcast with Jason Tracey.
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Clarity, Conversation & Cash
This presentation is all about learning about yourself. Who are you within what you do? Are you a heart-centered transformation Speaker, Coach or Consultant who wants to engage and convert up to 300% more of your audience through personality science. I talk about how to stimulate rapport with more of your audience, how to be more confident that your message will resonate and also feel more prepared to enjoy and have fun during your presentation.
Business PR & Communications
Communication Personal Growth +1


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