Ashley Avinashi
Ashley Avinashi
Certified Parenting Coach / Transpersonal Therapy, Clearmind International (Year 1) / Best-Selling Author / Reiki, Akashic Records Guide & Practitioner
Ashley discovered through her experience of being raised in a village and her journey of self-inquiry since childhood just how important it is to take responsibility for ourselves and reclaim the joy, freedom and aliveness we were all born with. 

Raising Humanity, a transformational development platform, helps grown ups and children recreate their foundation of beliefs based on their own values, so that they can walk their most authentic path and create a culture of care and connection moving forward.  

Ashley believes that revolutionizing who we are as parents, in community, is the path to creating a sustainable humanity. 


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How We Support Children In Reaching Their Potential Today.
Are you tired, mama?

It is fully understandable. What a year we have had in navigating school and work schedules simultaneously, while maintaining a good sense of health.

We are amidst great change in the way we parent and raise our children. This time has given us an opportunity to slow down and reflect- have we and our children truly been thriving, or simply surviving amidst the chaos of modern-day life?

Ashley will discuss how we can shift our perspectives in supporting not only our own potential but that of our children through authentic living. She will take us through the 3 pillars of Authentic Parenting which include:
1. personal responsibility
2. following our intuition
3. finding your village

as a path to helping our children be their best selves. Motherhood was never a path to be taken alone, and there is plenty of support here for you. Feel free to visit us at in the meantime to learn more. 

Look forward to seeing you then!

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