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Connector, Advisor, Strategist

Ashkan Tabibnia is a visionary entrepreneur known for his expertise in empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their goals. As the CEO and founder of '7 Elephants,' he led the company to success, generating an impressive annual revenue of $15 million. In 2009, he created the Higher Connections Network (HCN), a platform that fosters collaboration and personal growth. Ashkan also founded the Higher Properties & Investments Group (HPIG), a boutique concierge real estate and investment firm. Through HCN, he organized impactful events like the ASCENT EXPO and CITY GALA fundraiser. Ashkan recently established 90210 Enterprise, a premier business consulting firm, and the Advisory Legacy Council, a global community dedicated to shaping legacies. Ashkan resides in Los Angeles with his wife and three children, embodying his passion for empowering others 

to create lasting impacts.