Arron Gonzales
Arron Gonzales
Chief Marketing Officer
SPECIALTIES: Web-based tools Coaching, Marketing Advisor, Marketing Consultant, Marketing Trainer, Speaker, Web-based Marketing Strategist, Online Training, Social Marketing, Business Networking, Sales, Relationship Strategies, Keynote Speaker, Professional Networking. Through innovative technology, Marketing Opedia has blended the advantages of attractive marketing online with traditional paper based tools – providing a new personalized marketing platform. Marketing Opedia is web-based, delivers great SEO, environmentally friendly, no printing, simple sending text, email, airdrop, social media, QR code, valuable analytics, improves Google rankings, staff performance management, ability to transact, secure (web-based, not an app) and everything in one place.

LEARN ABOUT THE BEST WEB-BASED MARKETING TOOLS ► Making a difference for those in Business Networking live and online. FREE strategy call, discuss how we can help one another - Book a 30-min. discovery call on my calendar at 

★ Effective individuals understand the #1 philosophy “people do business with people they know like and trust,” I help. You get 2 minutes during an hour networking event, either online or face to face. We help in creating relationships that rapidly moves through to the sales process.

★ Online and face 2 face networking can be awkward, hit or miss, plus it’s grossly misunderstood. How can individuals, corporations and network marketers embrace the power of networking to maximize and develop opportunities and bring in new business? Simple, they call me!

➊ I'm a professional web-based marketing tools builder, developer and trainer. Passionate about making a difference and helping businesspeople achieve greater results in their networking online and face to face.

➋ I have been in sales and marketing for 22 years and have been online building starting in 2014. Business Networking and Business Relationship Strategies is my Superpower. In Q4 of 2020 I had 139 appointments and close 89%. Would you like those numbers? 

➌ By challenging your beliefs and leveraging what you already know about how to market your business. I can guide you to create and implement online and in person web-based marketing strategies that build business relationships. Using these techniques, you can increase your relationships, presentations and productivity.


✔ To share how to network with other active and committed B2B networkers.

✔ To offer networking, relationship strategy development & networking advice.

✔ To seek opportunities to provide TOOLS, COACHING, AND SEMINARS

There are 9 ways to effectively leverage web-based tools to connect with business to make the most out of network connections?