Diana Guerrero
ARKlady Diana Guerrero she/her/hers
Interspecies Connectionist™ Taking Over Where Noah Left Off!

Founder of AdvenTOURess and inNATURE™, the ARKlady offers an armchair safari into a variety of topics adapted for your specific audience. 

Guerrero is a good fit for audiences of female small business owners, midlife mavens, and events aligned with wellness travel, spiritual/self-development, publishing, and marketing. 

She is happy to provide special interest breaks to add fun and novelty to your summit or event. 

Signature Presentations:

  • How to Turn Struggles into Superpowers
  • What Animals Can Teach Us
  • Animal ARKetypes
  • Custom Presentations Upon Request

Why choose the ARKlady?

Online since 1995, Guerrero is well published both online and offline as a columnist and as the author of several traditionally published works and has been on stage in front of small intimate groups as well as large audiences. She is also comfortable with tech and all the hiccups that can come with it.

In addition to teaching for the largest adult education provider in the United States, she has created & presented programming for Chamber of Commerce members, hosted and co-hosted television, radio and podcasts. She is also comfortable in other related roles of facilitator and other related roles.

The ARKlady is no stranger traditional or online media and you may have seen her expert comments in both small and large market media outlets such as the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet or NPR. 

If you need to assign monikers, Diana L Guerrero is an Interspecies Connectionist™ & Wildlife Whisperer.  

When not helping others recharge, refresh and reset using the healing power of nature, Guerrero can be found on, near, or in the sea teach others about the wild wonders surrounding them. 

Guerrero travels from Monterey (MRY) on the central coast of California and is represented by the literary agency, Sheree Bykofsky & Associates. Her charity of choice is the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 



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What Animals Can Teach