Archanaa Shyam
Archanaa Shyam
Founder and Chief Energy Officer
  • Do you ever feel stressed out or stuck?
  • Do you believe in intuition? Have you ever had a chance to work with it?
  • Do you ever have a sense of wanting to step into your power to manifest success and confidence in all areas of your life?

Let my universe become your universe!

I'm an Intuitive Visionary Strategist and Catalyst. My background is in Finance and Accounting. I've had a career in IT for 20 years. I combine my experience and learnings from both the material and spiritual facets. I'm an Elemental and Sacred Space Alchemist. A Shaman. A Starseed. A Medical Intuitive. A Master Energy Transmitter and Channel. A Mentor and a Guide. A Safe Container for Deep Lasting Positive Transformation. A Recovering Perfectionist. An Earth Lover. A Crystal Keeper. A Student of Shamanic Astrology.

I bring in all of these and more into my offerings as we integrate intuitive technologies and energetic processes. I love what I do and do what I love - I live a purpose-ful passion-filled life!


You deserve to feel unshakable and experience prosperity, purpose and passion in every area of your life!
There is really no limit to how far and deep you can go with your intuition and your healing journey.


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