Anthea Armar
Anthea Armar
Coach, Speaker, Consultant
 Anthea Armar is a coach, learning consultant and motivational speaker who values honesty, communication and a sense of adventure.

With over 18 years of organisational training experience, Anthea focuses on reshaping perspectives based on her experiences, challenging thoughts and offering new insights to empower you to create your own version of life, providing freedom and opportunity for you personally and professionally.

Anthea’s down to earth humour and energy commands attention, engagement and the occasional giggle from the get go. You will feel motivated, inspired and open to possibility, long after she’s left the stage. 

"I am destined for such greatness that I no longer need a map."


These are example talks for Anthea Armar

Moving Past The Fear: Developing a Mindset for Success
 Awaken your innermost desires to push through fear and pave a new way to success. 

You know that you are destined for more. You know you have skills, talents and gifts that can elevate you and those around you. You know that the only way to impact this world is to be the best version of yourself. 

What you may not know is that it is only you who is preventing you from reaching your peak. 

That ends today. Learn how you can use three success steps to change your mindset and level up in life and business.

"Create what you want, not what you lack." 
Business Mindset
A.C.T Business +11
How to Create Success in Life and Business
"Your impact is more important than the parcel it's delivered in." Anthea Armar

When you focus too much on others expectations, making things perfect, feeding your limiting beliefs and living in fear of your own potential, you deny your greatness. Success is not found, it's created. You have to create the space to welcome success into your life and business and it's easier to do than you think.

This presentation will explore three steps, from the A.C.T framework by Amarkai Group. You will be empowered to change your mindset in order to turn your thoughts into the actions that will help you create success in your life and business. 
Business Leadership +1
A.C.T Behaviors +15
Create a Life Through Fear
How do you make decisions in life? Through fear or through possibility?

If you are someone who fears change, failure, rejection, judgment and a long list of other things, you are not alone. Many people do not achieve the things they wanted to in life because of fear. They look back at their life in regret. Will you do the same?

This presentation explores the idea that we are uniquely created to help others overcome their challenge. In order to do that, we must overcome ours. You will create a life whether it's from a place of fear of possibility, so why not live fearlessly and prosper instead of exist?
Decision-Making Goal Setting +8