Annie Den Haan
Annie Den Haan
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Annie Den Haan 


I Help Speakers Dress to Instantly Sell From the Stage


The right, authentic style is like putting on a SuperHero Cape, instantly shifting you from zero to SuperHero. From feeling invisible like Clark Kent  –  to showing up like Superman or WonderWoman – without having to speak a word.

In the blink of an eye, everyone knows, likes and trusts you. You have SuperPowers to get the job done and they’re ready to follow your lead.

Book a 30 minute Super Hero Cape Style Session here:

As a Super Connector, I will share your affiliate link for your event with your audience and follow your guidelines. Your audience will also benefit from valuable free style resources and a complimentary 30 minute SuperHero Cape Style Session with me.


  • Proud winner of the 2019 Iconic Woman Creating a Better World For All at The Women's Economic Forum in London, England.

  •  Proud winner of the 2015 Unlimited Woman of New Beginnings Award in Victoria, B.C.



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