Angie simmons
personal development and mental well-being mentor
Life Coaching Diploma

Angie Simmons is a single mum, pet owner and lives in an old mining town called Mansfield.  She is a qualified coach, personal development and mental wellness mentor, author, and the founder of The Growth development foundation. The Growth development Foundation was born after 7 years of intense inner work, therapy, and study to help empower and inspire open-minded, mission-driven business owners, that are looking for progressive personal, spiritual, and professional growth.


Angie helps her clients understand the science behind the mind, body, and soul connection with her powerful 7-week mentoring program. She also helps them monitor their daily thoughts, feelings, and actions with her unique year-long, undated self-help journal. Ultimately helping them to gain more clarity, connection, improved mindset and anchoring down on the positive by implementing some powerful personal development habits