Andrea Gullick
Andrea Gullick
Andrea Gullick
Once you feel the energy of the journey I create you will instantly know my credentials are in the power of me being me and you remembering how to be you!! (But for those needing to know- Wife, Widow, Mother, Friend, School Teacher, Space Holder and Speaker)

“No words can describe our session with Andrea.  It is special and must be experienced to understand. Our profession talks at large lengths on the need to be the best version of ourselves, understanding ourselves, emotional intelligence and the list goes on.  But what do these ‘buzz’ words really mean?”

With a gentle yet powerful journey, my session leaves you knowing the exact answer to what these ‘buzz’ words mean. It takes you beyond the thoughts and dilemmas of the world around you and into the heart of your own inner knowing. 

If you recognise that the world is aching for a safe place to just be, a space to seek solace and feel alive again, then I'm here for the ride with you. 

Your event will be remembered as one of the most pivotal moments in many people's lives as they experience the ‘Coming Home- H.E.A.R.T journey' which lovingly and honestly connects them to their most vital source of answers.

In a world that excels at busy-ness in business (and life), what if doing what we are here to do more effectively, is influenced by allowing ourselves to be all that we are more safely.