Ana In Style
Founder and CEO
Certified Virtual Personal Stylist, Certified Visual Brand, Masters in German Language and Literature

Ana in Style is the founder of Choose Your Signature Style™. As a talented but introverted linguist, she had discovered the power of nonverbal communication that transformed her life. Fast forward to today, she is a Certified Virtual Personal Stylist and Visual Brand Consultant working with high achieving women, empaths, and mavericks who are ready to level up their success by feeling confident and aligned with their inner essence through their signature style. Outside the public eye she is a loving and patient special needs mom.

As a contributive writer for Brainz and other magazines as well as an intriguing and educative podcast guest, Ana is spreading the word about the power of visual appearance and social media profile picture, telling stories without words and the impact of colors on people's wellbeing, emotions, confidence, energy levels, and with highly sensitive people, even health.

As a speaker, she creates a thought provoking atmosphere. She has a slightly philosophic approach to personal appearance, the impact and meaning of colors and the relationships of any kind, including with oneself. There exists no discussion without her bringing in a different and fresh perspective. "You made me think, I never thought of it that way" are common reactions to my contributions.

Being recognized as a niched down and specialized expert in the cathegory of one, she has been invited to become member of several groups of highly skilled professionals.

Through the years of her studies on verbal and non-verbal communication with self, the divine, and other people, Ana developed her proprietary Feng Shui Apparel System™️, a complex fusion of several seemingly incompatible areas of expertise. It enables individuals to treat the unwanted as well as attract, and preserve desired states of mind and being through body.

Ana is currently giving back by supporting charity projects aimed at children on 3 continents, Europe, South America and Africa. In the year 2022 her goal is to add another cause to her growing contribution, to support research on neurological disorders and development of novel treatments for intellectual disability in rare syndromes.