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Like a beacon of resilience, Amy is a guiding light in the journey of self-discovery and healing. Amy's life story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. As a former USAF KC-135 pilot, she navigated not only the skies but also some of life's most profound challenges. The loss of her spouse and shortly after, her only daughter's passing, marked a turning point in her life, propelling her into a profound journey of self-healing and discovery.

Armed with a Master's degree in Education, Amy has also acquired certifications in various energy methodologies, including Human Design and Hypnotherapy. These diverse qualifications are not just a testament to her academic rigor but also mirror her deep commitment to personal growth and helping others.

Amy's passion lies in serving others, guiding them to shed the layers of past conditioning. She believes in the power of connecting with one's authentic self and advocates building self-love with every step. Her approach is not just about healing; it's about transformation and empowerment.

In her work, Amy combines her rich life experiences with her extensive knowledge in energy theory, creating a unique and impactful approach to self-healing. Her story is not just one of overcoming but of transcending challenges to emerge stronger, wiser, and more connected with the essence of life.

As Amy shares her insights and experiences, she invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, to find your own path to self-love and authenticity. Her presence at our summit promises to be enlightening, inspiring, and truly transformative.



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Peeling The Layers Of Past Conditioning

Embark on an emotional and enlightening journey as we explore how shedding layers of past conditioning can illuminate the essence of who you truly are. This profound realization is not just a moment of self-recognition; it's the key to unlocking your life's purpose, guiding you towards a path of intuitive wisdom and effortless flow. Delve into the transformative process of releasing negative core beliefs, a step that not only harmonizes your energy but also brings physical balance to your body. Imagine living from a space so deeply rooted in your subconscious, where you become a magnet for the boundless possibilities life has to offer. I will discuss three specific ways that you can begin to unwind and peel the layers of past conditioning, in doing so you can open doors to a world where dreams and reality converge.



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