Amanda Schenkenberger
Amanda Schenkenberger she/her/hers
Homeschool with joyful connection and rigor academics
Homeschooling Expert, Life Coach, Art Therapy Instructor

Amanda Schenkenberger helps moms like you homeschool anxiety free so that you can experience joyful connection and rigorous academics at the same time. She guides moms into creating a consistent homeschool routine filled with love and firm boundaries, which takes moms from overwhelmed and scattered to confident and connected with their kids.

As a second generation homeschool kid who had to go to public high school, she vowed to “let her kids be kids” and wouldn’t have any of this nonsense about learning something to test well. Today you can catch her running in the rain with her 4 boys or intensely engaged in a nerf gun battle.


She prefers roadschooling, life lessons, and heart to hearts about faith, God, and destiny. Amanda shares her practical, life-giving method to homeschooling inside her Heart Smart Homeschool Moms community where she coaches other mamas who are ready to finally catch their breath and flourish at home education.